The story of Baxter. 

 It’s a 100% Italian story propelling into an international scene. One that begins with the reinterpretation of the English taste, and evolves with the art of working leather–with shaping it into its best expression for the production of unique and distinctive collections.

It’s a story about Italy.  About balance and experiences. Touch and mood. About building on the past while tracing the lines for the future.

The story begins with a family. Luigi and Paolo Bestetti, two enlightened Italian entrepreneurs with a passion for raw material. For unparalleled beauty and unequivocal quality. For dedication and commitment to a craft.  It’s a young story, but timeless in tradition. Begun in 1990, Baxter draws on a centuries-old entrepreneurial tradition grown on the fertile soil of the Brianza, which has always produced excellent furniture: first for the aristocracy, and later for the bourgeoisie. 

This is the story of Baxter. Today, still creating for connoisseurs timeless beauty and centuries-old excellence in its rich and distinctive collections.