Our clients are our reflections. They are open-minded, dynamic individuals and businesses who appreciate real quality and life itself. Our products are designed to make people happy, bring comfort and embrace personal identity. The idea is so pure that “Cocooning” became a true lifestyle. Nowadays, people have more need to be able to escape from the hectic and fast world we are living in and that is why home really should feel like a sanctuary. A safe and warm place. A place where you come to rest, but also get inspired. A space for Transformation. A Cocoon…

Making timeless and sturdy design is only one side of the coin. By using real sustainable materials and having the right people shaping these into pieces of usable art, our products are timeless and withstand decades of use.

We are proud that the people working at our production studios exactly understand our vision.

In Italy near the idyllic Lago Maggiore, true craftsmen shape our taps and showers from noble stainless steel by hand and machine. New ideas from our designers offer a fresh look on tried and tested artisanal skills to make unique products according to traditional production values. In the same area the stonemasons from which their grandfathers were responsible for building the Dome in Milan, now use the latest cutting- edge technology on locally sourced marble, natural stone and modern sustainable materials like Silestone to produce our wash basins. The production of our Solid Surface collection and made-to-measure basins takes place in our advanced workshop in the Netherlands. We definitely believe that these decades of combined experience will reflect in every single product we make.