The Janua brand has existed since 2005. Since then, the desire for authenticity has determined our actions. Our corporate philosophy knows no rules — it is based on values. Janua furniture does not follow trends; it is their timelessness that sets them above mediocrity. The history of our furniture manufactory is a success story: Not every dealer carries our collection – but the 300 best in the top locations in Europe. This is how we have continuously developed over the past 17 years. Dynamic, but with a steady hand. When it comes to quality and sustainability, it’s not us that speaks for us, but our furniture. We do everything we can to ensure that our customers are not only satisfied, but enthusiastic – in the long term. Continous growing, an ever-expanding range and sensational innovations characterize the lively development of Janua to this day. This is thanks to the more than 50 employees and freelancers who, with their boundless will to turn every customer into a fan, achieve great things.

Janua is more than a piece of furniture. Janua is a statement.
Janua’s products don’t embellish anything, but rather tell the story of their origins without frills and disturbing accessories. Janua likes trees with a natural history, wood with character. Of course, he can sometimes be “stubborn”! Also polarizing, uncomfortable – and that’s why it’s interesting for Janua. Because only those who are strong characters themselves can endure strong characters around them.

Tables, benches, beds, cupboards and shelves – the basics among the furnishings shape our living space. They meet us at every step, determine our perspective on everyday life. For Janua, this is a clear mandate: we give everything – for furniture that is not just there. Which are not just beautiful. We build furniture that you will fall in love with again and again. Janua furniture is created from the joy of the new. Our attention to detail is noticeable. Anyone who has ever run their hand over our natural, limed or oiled wooden surfaces knows how sensual living can be. Nothing touches us humans more than something that looks like us. That’s why our customers’ individual ideas about perfect furnishing are important to us. as small, but fine furniture manufacture, we face the challenge of custom-made series production every day. We combine reliable and high-precision tailor-made work with the fulfillment of personal special requests. Seen in this way, the Janua collection is a declaration of love for modern living with traditional values.

As a small but fine furniture manufacturer, Janua masters the challenges of manual series production every day. With a love of detail, but without losing sight of the big picture, Janua shapes furniture like values: honest, natural, straightforward, genuine and unadulterated. The flexible team combines high-precision tailor-made work with project-related custom-made products – individually adapted to the wishes and requirements of the customer.
Janua’s success is not only due to its products – the company lives on the creative, loyal and reliable personalities who produce first-class furniture with great commitment, master craftsmanship and the tactic of short distances. Janua is teamwork in the best sense, an extended family of permanent employees, freelance designers and external producers.