Wilmerhale Office for LSM

Commercial | Palo Alto CA

LSM was tasked with the design of this modern office space in California. During the height of COVID, our designer worked closely with LSM’s team on four custom kitchens by Italian kitchen line Cesar. Expertise was also used with the custom design of Rimadesio’s 10 standing and wall hanging sideboards for various meeting spaces. Lastly, support was provided with the specification of custom furniture for the project: (26) Cappellini task chairs and (3) Minotti lounge armchairs. Despite COVID lockdowns and restrictions, the team was able to work smoothly with Skyline Construction to have everything delivered and installed properly in California.

Architect: LSM

Contractor: Skyline Construction

Location: Palo Alto, California

Design Consultant: Hayley Hartner while working for Contemporaria

Photography: Steph Dewey